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Owner Involvement

I encourage you, as the owner of your dog, to be part of their training as much as you have time, interest and ability. I have a complete teaching program for owners to learn how to run their own dog along with other dogs. You and your dog are taught to be a proficient team to become competitive and confident Field Trial Handlers.

We know that some of you want to come and watch your dog and/or train for multiple days at a time, so we also have a comfortable mobile home for those of you who want to come visit with a longer stay in mind.




The duck season has been challenging. The weather refuses to cooperate.

Gizmo is doing very well. His excellent nose serves him well in our thick cover. He has energy to burn and won't quit on a bird. Gizmo is also a gentleman in the house. I couldn't be more pleased.

Best wishes, - Eric Boutacoff

Can't tell you how good it was to see you standing behind the Judges in the 4th series of the Derby, when I handled Cutter on the memory mark. The startled look on the judges faces made me think for a fleeting moment that I had just blown a placement. (fat chance). However, your broad smile and thumbs up was so reassuring that I had done the right thing. Once again, thank you for your continued support and encouragements. - Anne Schlosser

Thanks for all your input on Zipper. I really appreciate your help and guidance. Wish I was closer so I could work with you more. You have really done a wonderful job with Zipper and I can't thank you enough. Sincerely, - Gaylene Cranford

I heard from observers that Faith did a really awesome job. Thanks again for all your hard work with her, and for leading her to victory. I hope I can do her the same justice one day.
- Xan Latta

"Belated thanks for the training day with Anne last month. It was soooo helpful and opened my eyes to holes in my training and handling. I have been reworking Ryder's force to the back pile, being more consistant with his obedience and working on his blinds. I also have a round platform to help me with his wagon wheel drill. I am looking forward to returning with Anne this month and periodically when I can make the trip.

I have been training dogs in field and obedience for many years and I am so impressed with your philosophy of teaching and training the dogs you have , I admire your success and look forward to more training sessions with Red Ryder this year. My goal is to bring out the best in him (and me), and to develop the talent I think he has."
- Ann Pauls

"The updated Red Rover Retriever web page of 2011 Accomplishments is quite impressive. Your clients' many successes certainly attest to your skill as a dog trainer and as a people trainer!"
- Anne Schlosser

"I want to say it again THANK YOU !! It is amazing the progression that Bloux has made in the short time that you have had him. Yesterdays Derby Second could not have been done without you. It is a credit to you as a trainer to get a young dog and a newbie handler to this level."
- Chris Robles

"I am extremely grateful for the coaching, training, help and support I've received from so many people...... especially you! Your encouragement and guidance helped me grow as a trainer and handler, helped my dogs and I evolve into wonderful teams and improved the skill level of my dogs. I really appreciate and value the important role you have played in our successes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You helped me achieve my goals and dreams!"
- Judy Teskey

"Congratulations for winning the Qualifying with The One and Only!!!!! Awesome! All the efforts on your part as well as Solo's have been recognized and a well deserved blue ribbon awarded! Your talents in training, along with the professionalism shown to owners and judges have earned you a long list of accomplishments. I can't tell you how much your constant contact with myself updating Solo's progress means. I'm across the country, yet I feel as though I'm there watching his every move. This goes a long way with me and is priceless! I've worked with a number of other pros, and this type of means of communication is rare. Your clients from California as well as other states are lucky to have you working training their dogs. I'd have all my dogs with Red Rover if you were closer."
- Jeff Schliz

"I can't believe how much I have learned from you over the past year. The time you have spent with me and my dogs has been priceless. Your insight into canine communication has helped our team development. Your coaching and instruction has been outstanding. Thank you."
- Sonya Harrigfeld

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing with Henry. My next big goal was a All-Age Qualified dog after making the Derby list. I just can not believe both happened within an 8 day time frame. Henry would not be where he is without all the hard work you and Carol have put into him."
- Crystal Cockroft

"My sincere Thanks and Appreciation for achieving my 1st goal of 2010.....Terra's "Qualified All Age" status. The Blue Ribbon and Large Trophy makes it even more special. Your work with Terra has made a big improvement in her performance, especially in her water work. You and Terra have made me very happy and proud. Thank You!"
- Pat DiNardo


"I cannot Thank You enough for what you have done with Cody. From November (2009) until now has been an amazing transformation. I know that I will be able to trust him on the line and that he is a great team player. I couldn't be more proud of him and the amazing work you did with him. I cannot Thank You enough! "
- Loren Crannell


"Thanks Luann Pleasant for your encouragement and expertise. "
- Missy Bell, Finalist 2009 National Amateur with AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit.


"Thank you's for pre-national training would not be complete without thanking Luann Pleasant, who took us into her regular training group when we found ourselves stranded on the west coast a week early because of a family funeral. She certainly helped me get my mind back on the dogs. "
- Ken Neil, winner of the 2007 National Open with NFC AFCCandlewoods Something Royal.


"We are so thankful for you. All of our dogs have benefited from your expertise. You are an outstanding trainer/handler. You work tirelessly to bring out the best in each dog. You are the Best! "
- Carolyn Lorenzetti


"Just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into my dogs and me. I look forward to Scoop and Buddy's success!"
- Chad Costa


"Just a note to Thank You for all your help with my dogs. I learned a lot from your instruction and training. You are a gifted communicator when it comes to teaching people to work with their dogs. Your advice and knowledge are wonderful!"
- Debbie Ziegler


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